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Millersburg Information Systems, LTD. has recently changed its looks in the real world and in cyberspace. The new is designed not only to be more visually appealing, but also to improve the user experience through a more user-friendly interface. To help us better serve you, let us know what you think of the new by clicking here or send us an e-mail to

Message From the President:

While the website is an obvious improvement, our vastly improved company is less obvious, but equally as important!  We’ve undergone quite a transformation over the last three years, going from a one man show to now having 6 technicians and a support staff.  I’m quite proud of what we’ve become, and look forward to continued expansion.  Rest assured that despite expansion, you will continue to receive the outstanding service you've come to expect from MIS. Why will MIS continue to expand?  Because we need to stay ahead of today’s technology, and with so much of our lives being technology driven, we are expected to be the experts.  This is our goal both now and in going forward, to continue to be your technology gurus while providing you with exceptional service.


Jason Miller, President

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